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    2. Rotary Microtome YD-315

      Product Details

      Product specifications :

      key components such as  guide rail ,screw mandrel, Ratchet rod are import from Japan. The Rotary microtome YD-315 is ideal for most routine histology, biological and industrial needs. High precision & stability ensures exact reproducible section quality in wax and plastic embedded sections.

      Product specifications :

      ? High precision specimen feed

      ? Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp

      ? The hand wheel can be locked in any position or highest position , The dual fail-safe control system is safe and reliable

      ? It adopt the special blade carrier , it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly . good durability and long service life, optional blade carrier can use steel knife or blade holder .

      ?Two type of upper part blade holder can use both of low profile blade and high profile blade

      ? Smoothly running hand wheel

      ? Spacious, integrated section waste tray

      ? Finger protection guard

      Technical Data:

      ? Section thickness range: 0- 60μm

      Setting values : From 0-2μm in 0.5μm –increments

      From 2-10μm in 1μm-increments

      From 10-20 μm in 2μm-increments

      From 20-60μm in 5μm-increments

      ? Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm

      ? Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm

      ? Precision error: ± 5%

      ? Sample orientation:8°along the X-Y-axis, rotable 360°

      ? Maximum section size: 50 × 45mm

      ? Dimensions incl. tray (L/T/H):300mm(L)X570mm(W)X270mm(H)

      ? Net weight:30kg

      Standard Accessory

      2 types Clamp

      1 Blade Carrier (for disposable blade )

      1 Waste Tray

      4 pcs Tissue Molds

      50pcs Cassettes

      Optional Accessory

      Blade Carrier(for Blade holder or Steel knife)

      Blade Holder

      Microtome Disposable Blade

      Steel Knife

      See Price list for more detail !

      Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTD
      Zhuma industrial park,jinhua city, zhejiang ,china

      Telephone: 86 579 82472777 Fax:86 579 82472470


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